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Welcome to the Chainmail Depot, we're the #1 source for affordable chain mail armor on the Internet. Don't pay the high prices found elsewhere, we sell the same chain maille for less. Currently we carry mostly coifs, those are chainmail hoods, and hauberks, those are chainmail shirts that end at the knee. We carry steel, aluminum, and brass finishes for our chain mail.

History of Chainmail

Chainmail has existed since ancient times with the first known remains coming from the 4th century B.C. It made an ideal armor product in ancient times because it did not rely on larger sheets of metal.  Ancient metalsmiths lacked the technology and the expertise to make larger pieces of metal that wouldn't lose their integrity, this is why ancient swords tended to be shorter, and one reason why the spear was vastly preferrered. Maille, and other armor types such as lorica segmenta or lamillar, allowed armorers to protect the body using smaller individual pieces of metal which were easier to make, additionally after the inevitable battle damage you would only need to replace the damaged links, instead of the whole suit.

Chainmail remained heavily in use until the 1300s, but even then it would still often be worn underneath plate armor as plate armor did not offer full body protection, there were gaps, usually around the joints, and by wearing chainmail underneath these gaps would still be covered.

The pairing of plate and chainmail really ended up being the pinnacle of medieval armor. Chainmail was excellent at stopping cutting or slashing attacks, and offered seamless coverage, plate could stop cutting attacks and crushing attacks, but wasn't seamless. By pairing the two together the medieval soldier or knight could get the best of both worlds. Had he just worn chain mail he could still be hurt by a crushing attack and suffer broken bones, if not cuts. Had he just worn plate he would be susceptible to a puncture attack by a smart opponent in one of the gaps in his armor.

You will often see this look reproduced by modern reenactors and for people just wanting a nice looking costume. By wearing chainmail underneath and then other rigid armor pieces, be they thick leather or metal plate, on top you get a really nice authentic look.  So in addition to selling chainmail we also sell some accessories to finish your chain armour getup.

Using Our Chainmail

We've made a Chain Mail User's Guide that explains how to best wear our armor to minimize wear and tear, however it is important to note that our armor is not immune to being damaged, no armor is. Through use chain links can break, they can pull apart, they can be damaged, this is normal. In medieval times armor was constantly being repaired, and if you plan to use the armor in a similar fashion repairs may be necessary every once in awhile. Or, if a few out of the 30,000 or more links in a chainmail shirt become damaged you can leave them be and just call them battle damage and when people ask you about it simply tell them that they should see the other guy.

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